What does PACE stand for?

Partners Advancing Character Education.

What is Character Education?

Schools and communities intentionally work to develop in their students important qualities such as honesty, respect, responsibility and citizenship. Character education helps students to judge what is right, desire good, and then do what is right. It teaches students how to build good character traits to help improve their attitudes and academic performance, reduce and/or prevent disciplinary problems in and out of the classroom, and nurture a strong work ethic to create a productive future work force.

How does PACE Work?

Each month features a character “trait of the month” which is the focus of a multi-faceted communication, motivation and educational program for an entire month. For example, “honesty” as a trait could be addressed in a variety of ways:

  • In school: Educators integrate discussions of “honesty” into classroom and school-wide activities for the month, which are  reinforced with special projects and activities, and are tied to achievement awards or other positive feedback methods. Schools invite community leaders, acting as “Character Champions” to speak to illustrate the trait and motivate students.
  • At home: PACE encourages parents through school materials, parent meetings, volunteer programs and visibility of the trait in their community to discuss “honesty” with their children.
  • In the community: Businesses, civic organizations and community service groups are asked to support the “honesty” message through discussions, programs and various means of communications with their employees and/or members.  Community partners carry out their commitment on an on-going basis. Local college and community classes also include discussion about the importance of “honesty” with participants.
  • In the media: Various media publications produce public service announcements defining and advocating “honesty”. PACE news releases inform the media of relevant events and activities.

How can I get involved? Do you have volunteer opportunities?

There are numerous ways to get involved with PACE. You can pledge to become a PACE Partner, and raise awareness about the importance of good character in your business or organization.

As an individual, you can become a “Character Champion.” PACE Character Champions share their experiences about how character traits such as respect, responsibility or courage relate to their career, community involvement or personal life.

Volunteers are the backbone of PACE, and we are always looking for individuals who want to support bringing character to light in the community. One-time opportunities range from representing PACE at community events to writing a column on a character trait, volunteering behind the scenes at the annual PACE Awards and more! There are also opportunities that require a year-long commitment, where you get to be a part of one of the PACE planning and development teams such as curriculum, awards and marketing.

If you are interested in volunteering with PACE, let us know! Please include what type of opportunities you might be interested in and if you have a background or particular talent that you could contribute to PACE (examples include volunteer organization and events, photography, writing, public speaking, etc.).