Sponsorship Opportunties

PACE Partners are invited to support character education and recognition in a variety of ways!

Click below for information on each of the available funding areas. (See the bottom of this page for a printable list of opportunities.)

PACE Awards - May 2019

The PACE Awards recognize more than 70 students ‐ one from each participating school – for
demonstrating exceptional character throughout the school year. Two elegant events are held annually –
one for about 100 West Plains students and guests (morning) and one for about 400 Spokane Valley
students and guests (evening)

Sponsorships offset the cost of the Awards event, allowing each student to attend with up to three honored
guests – family members and a teacher or principal. Levels range from $2,500 ‐ $100.

Sponsor benefits (depending on level) may include banner display, logo in event program, logo on tables, swag in gift bags and on‐stage recognition as well as logo with link on the PACE website.

Sponsorship levels for the West Plains Awards are being determined. Please let us know if you are interested in supporting those students and we’ll keep you posted!

PACE Educators Workshop – June 2019

The annual half‐day PACE Educators Workshop provides up to 100 teachers, counselors and principals with relevant, hands‐on training designed to embed character education in everyday curriculum.

Sponsorship offsets the cost of the workshop including speaker fees, supplies, food and professional
certification credits earned by participants. Levels include Title Sponsor ($850) and Major Sponsor ($600).

Sponsor benefits (depending on level) may include introductory remarks, promotional materials on tables, logo in workshop program, swag and door prizes as well as a listing and link on the PACE website.

PACE World Character Day – Sept 2019

PACE World Character Day is a global celebration of the importance of good character by thousands of local students, their schools and families, as well as PACE business partners. World Character Day serves as a launch for a year of good character by many schools to Shine On! #PACECharacterDay

Sponsorships offset the cost of World Character Day marketing efforts as well as prizes and contests for participating schools to Shine On! Levels include Title Sponsor ($1000) and Major Sponsor ($750).

Sponsor benefits (depending on the level) may include logo featured on marketing and promotional efforts, recognition and opportunities for visibility in schools, as well as logo and link on the PACE website

Friend of PACE

Friends of PACE contribute general financial support for PACE throughout the year.

Sponsorship levels start at $100 with a listing on the PACE website. Friends of PACE at a $500 or higher level receive a listing and link on the PACE website.

Interested in becoming a PACE Sponsor?

Sponsorship Card

PACE is a 501(c)(3), eligible to receive tax‐deductible donations. Donors should consult their tax advisor.
Please mail contributions (payable to PACE) to: PACE, PO Box 353, Spokane Valley, WA 99016
In the unlikely event that these funds cannot be reasonably, efficiently and fully spent where specified, they will be used on a similar project or where the need is greatest.


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2019 PACE Sponsorship Opportunities