The tools and resources below are designed to help you promote Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) in your schools, businesses and organizations and your home. With schools in all four Spokane Valley School Districts (East Valley, Central Valley, west Valley and Freeman), Tekoa School District and Cheney School District and their local businesses and faith-based organizations presenting a unified message each month, opportunities to positively and effectively reach our students and teach the importance of good character are greatly increased.

PACE Partners with KAYU FOX-28 to Promote Good Character



INTEGRITY 15 sec. commercial

GENEROSITY 15 sec. commercial

GRATITUDE 15 sec. commercial

Print Character Recognition Certificates to Reward Good Character!

Insert the Following Trait graphics in Your Monthly Newsletters to Spread the Word

Click on the thumbnails below to go to a larger image. Then right click, and select “save image as” to save the file.


PACE Character Trait Banners

You can download banner files below (size 3ft X 6ft) and take them to a printing service to make your own PACE Monthly Character Trait Banners to put in your school, business or organization. Click on the thumbnails below to download the PDF.

Fairness Banner

Honesty Banner

Diligence Banner

Trustworthiness Banner

Courage Banner

Integrity Banner

Generosity Banner

Gratitude Banner

Respect Banner

Responsibility Banner

Citizenship Banner

Caring Banner


Partner Best Practices

Partner Best Practices

PACE Partners are a vital component to the success of the PACE initiative to promote the importance of good character. Three local organizations were honored this year with a 2015 PACE Partner “Best Practice” Award for their diligent work to support and promote good character across the Spokane Valley. Sharing examples of the numerous activities these organizations do to support PACE can give fellow PACE Partners ideas, including:

The Current

  • Every month, they publish the PACE guest column of the month.
  • Display PACE posters and other items in their office.
  • Refer often to the PACE trait of the month for so they know what trait the schools are focused on and consider articles or features that align with the topic.
  • Have been working with PACE Leadership to help integrate PACE into their redesigned Kids News section of The Current.

Ellingsen-Paxton Orthodontics

  • They annually support the PACE Awards with a silver sponsorship.
  • Utilize an internal reader board to post the monthly traits.
  • Display PACE posters and other items in their office.
  • Encourage their patients to learn more about PACE by including links, logo, or the traits on their website.
  • Dr. Paxton donated time to write the PACE guest column for May on Courage.

Yoke’s Fresh Market

  • External reader board with monthly traits posted.
  • Display PACE posters and other items in their office.
  • They talk about the trait of the month at their staff meetings and use the trait as a reminder about their friendly customer service attitude.
  • They support two elementary schools with treats at their monthly Character Education assemblies.
  • They annually sponsor a table at the PACE Awards.