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Call in a Character Champion

Character Champions agree to share their experiences about how character traits relate to their career, community involvement or personal life. These individuals are available to businesses, schools, public agencies, faith based organizations and community service groups to share their stories about good character with audiences of various sizes. Check out their bios, choose the most appropriate champion for their needs and contact the PACE Coordinator at to obtain specific Character Champion contact information to schedule a visit.

Meet the Character Champions

Meet the Character Champions

Better Business Bureau Representatives:
The mission of the BBB is to increase trust in the marketplace. The BBB staff spends their working days in an environment where ethics is never an afterthought; it is in the forefront of their minds all day, every day. After one of the BBB’s Ethics Workshops, one participating student said, “Ethics, or the lack of them, can affect your job, your friends, and your family. Having good ethics is everything!”

Preferred Age of Audience:
Middle School (ages 11-14) and older

Brandon Comella:

Brandon is the Youth Center Director for The Crossing Youth Center on Argonne Road. Working with teenagers, Brandon realizes the importance of character education for our youth. He believes having good character will help them succeed in future jobs and relationships throughout their lives. Brandon looks forward to sharing the PACE program and his personal experience with learning the importance of good character to all age groups.

Preferred Age of Audience: Any Age


Vivian Plank:

Vivian lives in Rockford, WA. She worked her way up from being a bank teller to becoming the bank’s Branch Manager. Vivian is very active in her community as Treasurer of Rockford Community Center, Vice-President of Hangman Creek Chamber of Commerce and Vice-President of Rockford Lions Club. She was a Girl Scout growing up and a Girl Scout Leader for twelve years for her two daughters. She worked with the Presbyterian Church Youth Group in Post Falls in the past, and now serves on the Pastor Parish Relations Committee (PPRC) for the Rockford United Methodist Church. Vivian believes in serving and giving back to the community.

Prefered Age of Audience: Any Age

Become a Character Champion

Become a Character Champion

  • Your bio will be posted on the PACE website and used to help teachers/staff decide who to contact for their specific needs

PACE Resources

Insert the Following Trait graphics in Your Monthly Newsletters to Spread the Word

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PACE Character Trait Banners

PACE Character Trait Banners

You can download banner files below (size 3ft X 6ft) and take them to a printing service to make your own PACE Monthly Character Trait Banners to put in your school, business or organization. Click on the thumbnails below to download the PDF.

Fairness Banner

Honesty Banner

Diligence Banner

Trustworthiness Banner

Courage Banner

Integrity Banner

Generosity Banner

Gratitude Banner

Respect Banner

Responsibility Banner

Citizenship Banner

Caring Banner

Print Character Recognition Certificates to Reward Good Character!