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Educator Workshops

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Previous workshops:

2019 Educator Workshop

Setting the PACE for Good Character. Are your students on track?

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2018 Educator Workshop

Developing a Climate that Cares: SEL and Good Character

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2017 Educator Workshop

Strengthening Social Emotional Learning through School-wide Character Development. 

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2015 Educator Workshop

Creating a School Culture for Cultivating Character

2015 Educators Workshop Information

2013 Educator Workshop

2013 Educator Workshop

More than 125 teachers, counselors and principals kicked off the summer at the “Take PACE to the Next Level: Embedding Character Education into School Climate, Curriculum and Common Core” workshop, June 20, 2013. At this all-day professional development workshop participants shared their character education ideas, explored ways to integrate PACE into their lesson planning, discussed the positive impact of character education on school culture and enjoyed a keynote presentation by Washington State Schools of Character Award winning South Kitsap School District. The event was sponsored by Whitworth University, Cameron-Reilly Construction and Quiznos. Participants raved about the workshop and left energized to take PACE to the next level in their classrooms and schools! Below, are some great ideas that came out of workshop.

Embedding Character Education in School Climate(PPT)


Educators Share Ideas – Bringing Character to Light in the Classroom

  • FAIRNESS Embedded in this Kindergarten Center Class!

    FAIRNESS Embedded in this Kindergarten Center Class!

    Tower of Trust (K-5): As teacher gives examples of how students can build trust, students build a tower of blocks. After about 10, teacher gives example of breaking trust and the tower falls. Ends with discussion of how hard it is to rebuild once broken. – Bonnie Mendoza, Holmes Elementary

  • Recognize Kindness (6-8): Provide students with “Random Acts of Kindness” cards that call them to good character action. Once the act of kindness is performed, students can “report out” on school website and/or YouTube. A fun way to earn recognition from peers and staff! – Janice Boyd, Evergreen Middle School
  • Good News Postcards (9-12): Staff sends “Good News! from EVHS” postcard to student’s home to recognize their excellent character! School staff also recognize each other by placing postcards in staff mailboxes. “Locker drops” provide a nice surprise for high school students after good deeds. – Justin Becker, East Valley High School

More ideas and activities coming soon!


PACE Resources

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PACE Character Trait Banners

You can download banner files below (size 3ft X 6ft) and take them to a printing service to make your own PACE Monthly Character Trait Banners to put in your school, business or organization. Click on the thumbnails below to download the PDF.

Fairness Banner

Honesty Banner

Diligence Banner

Trustworthiness Banner

Courage Banner

Integrity Banner

Generosity Banner

Gratitude Banner

Respect Banner

Responsibility Banner

Citizenship Banner

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Print Character Recognition Certificates to Reward Good Character!