World Character Day

Shine On!  

PACE is proud to be Bringing Character to Light on World Character Day!

In 2017, we launched a year of good character on World Character Day! See here for some highlights from previous celebrations.

Click here to watch the PACE World Character Day Video.

PACE World Character Day Details:

Schools, families and partnering business organizations are encouraged to participate in this event. #PACECharacterDay

Be sure to share with us! Use #PACECharacterDay in social media posts or post to our Facebook page. You can email us, too.


  • PACE Video – use our PACE World Character Day video to enhance understanding, stimulate excitement and encourage participation.
  • Ideas – creative ways for teachers, schools, families and businesses to engage in World Character Day. Check out a PDF (printable) list here! Or here for the web page of ideas.
  • Visit the Let It Ripple webpage for highlights from past World Character for other ideas.
  • Screen one of the Let It Ripple short films in your office, church, school or classroom – then brainstorm follow-up activities! Science of Character (8 minutes); The Adaptable Mind (11 minutes); or The Making of a Mensch (10 minutes).
  • Learn (and teach) about Character Strengths – check out this page for multiple links to videos, surveys, teaching materials and much more, all organized by audience for your specific needs.
  • Volunteer – a great way to celebrate World Character Day and kick off a year of good character is to volunteer in our community. Check out the list here – and check often as this list will be updated.
  • Book Lists – the Spokane County Library District is compiling a list of ‘good character’ books for schools and families, by grade level. Check out the list here!
  • ActivitiesCheck out this page for ideas to do with your family, business, church, or classroom.
  • Watch a Video – Watch one or more of these videos. Share with your family, business, church, or classroom.
  • Watch a Movie – Movies that inspire Empathy: Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown; Charlotte’s Web; E.T.; The Incredibles; The Sandlot; The Indian In The Cupboard, To Kill a Mockingbird, If You Really Knew Me, Bystander Revolution.
  • Check out these websites – The Kindness School; Help Kids Do GoodBe the Spark – Ideas for Inspirational Actions.

Thank you for letting your character Shine On through your participation in World Character Day! Check this page often as we add to the free resources listed above.