PACE Schools of Character

PACE Schools of Character

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What is it?

The PACE School of Character Award is not a competition—but rather an opportunity to receive feedback as well as recognition for growth and excellence in the area of character development. The process is modeled after the well-researched and time-tested National Schools of Character program run by the National Character Education Partnership.  The PACE Board has adapted the process so that its partner schools can earn recognition for their character education achievements and build upon these in pursuit of distinction as a State School of Character.

What are the benefits?

  • Schools have the opportunity to reflect on their practices and programs and assess their level of implementation against a recognized standard of excellence.
  • Schools gain insights into what high-quality character education looks like in schools, helping them to improve and strengthen their own programs.
  • Schools receive guidance, feedback, and recognition at no cost—other than their time.
  • All schools that apply and are determined to have met a standard of excellence are recognized as schools of character and are invited to help with outreach to others.
  • The PACE Board wants to recognize a PACE School of Character at the annual PACE banquet – and they’re hoping it will be your school

What does it involve?

  • Identify of a team of at your school to spearhead the process.
  • Select a sample group of stakeholders to take the PACE Character Education Survey so you will have baseline data.
  • Work with your PACE support team to:
    • Complete the PACE Criteria Review tool to determine current evidence as well as ideas for future growth.
    • Submit evidence to support your attainment of at least one item in each of the Eleven Principles.
  • Use feedback from the PACE Curriculum and Resource committee to broaden and deepen the character development efforts at your school.


To learn more about the road to PACE School of Character recognition process contact your PACE School of Character support team or email Dr. Debbie Tully,, (509) 777-4369.

For more information about State and National Schools of Character, you can find a wealth of resources at

 Application deadline for this year’s PACE awards has passed. Next year’s deadline will be in early April.

2019 Recipients:

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2017 Recipient: