September is Respect Month

Find great resources for promoting respect in your classroom, business, or home below.

What is respect and why does it matter?

Respect is recognizing, considering and properly honoring the worth of one’s self and others.

“That which can be given can also be taken away. When we “give” our respect, we create a foundation; we create opportunity, we create possibility. We may not agree with or even “like” the person to whom we gift our respect, but that’s the whole point of respect. It is respect that transcends bias and feeling.” Monte Syrie, English teacher at Cheney High School. PACE guest columnist September 2018.

“Respect to me means that you treat everyone you come into contact with kindness, and make them feel like they matter.” Peyton Stark, Cheney High School 2017 sophomore. PACE guest columnist September 2017.

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