June is Integrity Month

Find great resources for promoting integrity in your classroom, business, or home below.

What is integrity and why does it matter?

Integrity is living a set of values which includes honesty, respect for others and a sense of personal responsibility.

“Integrity is about honesty, respect for others, and personal responsibility.” Kylene Edwards, Davenport High School Class of 2019 and PACE guest columnist for June 2019.

“A person’s integrity is at the core of who they are, and everyone should have the opportunity to develop it and feel confident about it.” Mahala Christensen, West Valley High School PACE Award Honoree 2018 and PACE guest columnist June 2018.

“However we choose to have it, our integrity shows the world the truth. How will you choose to walk with integrity?” Taryn Baxter, East Valley High School Class of 2019 and PACE guest columnist June 2019

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