March is Diligence Month

Find great resources for promoting diligence in your classroom, business, or home below.

What is diligence and why does it matter?

Diligence is persistence, dedication and hard work.

“Diligence doesn’t guarantee us any victories on the field or any victories in life (it’s not a guaranteed formula), but it gives us a better chance than most.” Aaron Best, EWU Head Football Coach and PACE guest columnist for March, 2019.

“Diligence is defined as persistence, dedication, and hard work. Some may say these qualities are deep-rooted within individuals while others say they are acquired. It is my experience that they are both.” Tracie Husted, Intervention Specialist, West Valley School District and PACE guest columnist for March, 2019

“Accepting that progress is progress no matter how big or small and knowing that if I worked diligently my once wishful thought could – and now has – become a reality.” Trevor Kennedy, Spokane Empire Running Back and PACE guest columnist for March, 2017.

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