July is Generosity Month

Find great resources for promoting generosity in your classroom, business, or home below.

What is generosity and why does it matter?

Generosity is unselfish giving and sharing of resources, time and talents with others.

“Service is a key facet of generosity. Its nature of giving and coming to the aid of others, makes service the backbone of generosity.” Tracy Poindexter-Canton, Northeast Washington Educational Service District 101. PACE guest columnist July 2019.

“When we choose to give generously to others, we become truly rich with everything that really matters in life.” Pastor Cyndi Langhans, Mirabeau Chapel and PACE guest columnist July 2019.

“Generosity is quiet. It isn’t for the recognition or the thanks. It is selfless and even small. The smallest form of generosity could end up making someone’s day a whole lot better.” Kynlee Dub, Tekoa High School freshman (in 2014). PACE guest columnist July 2014.

“Next time you give liberally (or as the Notre Dame folks said, “giving good things to others freely and abundantly) of your treasure, time, and talent, do so sacrificially, anonymously, and with no-strings-attached. Then your generosity will be truly noble.” The Honorable Jeffrey Smith, District Court Judge. PACE guest columnist July 2018.

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