Guest Column: Generosity


By Jason Long and the Team at NorthBridge Church.

Generosity is an incredibly important character trait. Everyone gets on board when you talk about being generous. Most of us love to give, it is part of our DNA. The rush that we receive when we give to someone in need, whether it is volunteering or simply helping someone, is unparalleled to anything we can create on our own. The importance of being generous in our lives cannot be understated. When we are generous, we may never know the impact it has on someone’s life. Sometimes we are limited in our thinking. We may think that we need more finances, time, or energy to be generous. When the truth is we can be generous with whatever it is that we have in our hands. A smile really does go along way. Taking a few moments to encourage someone in the store or a neighbor can change the trajectory of their life, or at least their day. Today you can take a moment to think about how you can be generous, in your community, in your family, or at your workplace.

Spokane is an amazing community. You can tell by people all over the country that are now moving here. Spokane does an excellent job at taking care of those in need. Whether it’s the homeless, the hungry, or the sick, there are so many programs and systems here for people no matter their status in life.

Northbridge Church and Food Bank is blessed to be a part of this community. We are inspired day after day by the responsibility of sharing the word of God and moving much needed food into our community. Our partnership with second harvest, local grocery stores, and the hearts of our over 30 volunteers allow us to experience what generosity is all about. Ben and Angie Sharkey, Pastors of North Bridge have had a heart for this community their whole lives. Both born and raised is Spokane, their passion is the people of it. “Our mission statement as a church is Helping People Know Jesus’ Love, that’s the goal of everything we do,” they said.

Generosity is the lifeblood of everything that happens at and through North Bridge. With the recovery ministry, Sunday gatherings, mobile food banks and more, they are doing all they can to give this community hope! Jason Long, the current food bank director, said “I just simply responded to a nudge from Jesus Christ to do something different with my life. I love people and the things I have experience in my life truly give me a solid platform to believe in and help others. What an excellent way to start a relationship with people, by being generous with food. I Love it!”

In June alone North Bridge Food Bank was able to serve 1533 people with the food they needed to be healthy and take care of their families.

North Bridge loves being able to partner with PACE in educating people on character traits. Training people on how to have great character traits is vitally important to a healthy community and society. If you desire, you can partner with us here at North Bridge by simply going to and finding out more information, donating finances or signing up to volunteer.

You can be generous with whatever you have. Go be generous today.

Jason Long is the North Bridge Food Bank director. He always believed God would move him into full time ministry so when the opportunity presented itself he took a leap of faith and started full time ministry at North Bridge. His goal is to show people that Jesus loves them and to be available to anyone who needs help.



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