Character Moments for Families – Responsibility

Below are three easy ideas to stimulate family conversation and activity to explore character concepts, aligned with your child’s school PACE character education program.

October – Responsibility
Living a set of values which included honesty, respect for others, and a sense of personal responsibility.

  • TALK – use this prompt to start a conversation with your family about this month’s character trait:
    What does responsibility mean to you? How are you responsible at home? At school? With the things you have?
  • LEARN – explore this month’s character trait through these books available from the Spokane County Library District.
  • DO – explore this month’s character trait through these engagement activities:

Have your child choose a daily chore for the week. At the end of the week talk about the challenges and positive things that came from being responsible for their weekly chore.


You may print the Character Moments for Families page here:

PACE Character Moments for Families – October 2022