PACE Partner of the Month:

The PACE Leadership Team would like to recognize West Valley School District (WVSD) as Partner of the Month! WVSD is a founding PACE Partner and was instrumental in bringing in many active PACE Partners early on to help shape PACE into the organization it is today. Back in 2009, when PACE was still in its developing stages, the founding members decided to integrate the character traits that WVSD has in its own board policy. Since WVSD operated on a school year, that still left PACE with two more months to decide which character traits to highlight in the PACE initiative. After much brainstorming, surveys to family and a voting process, PACE decided to make Generosity and Gratitude as the official character traits for July and August. And that is how the twelve character traits we know and share came into existence in the PACE initiative!

WVSD_LogoWest Valley School District’s Public Relations Director, Sue Shields actively serves on the PACE Leadership team and is the current Marketing Committee Chair for PACE. West Valley School District hosts the monthly marketing and PACE Awards committee meetings in one of their school buildings, giving PACE a creative and productive space for the committees in bringing character education to light for the community.

West Valley School District promotes PACE on their website and other communication, as well as in their curriculum. They also contribute their ideas and share their activities with PACE to demonstrate what West Valley youth are doing about good character.

We thank West Valley School District for helping build PACE from the ground up, and for continuing to be a cornerstone in character education in Spokane Valley and beyond.