2014 PACE Awards is May 29th

The 2014 PACE Awards event is this month, and we are ramping up for a great time as we honor good character with a new twist.

If you haven’t heard the news, our former keynote speaker, Kelly Graves, has taken a new coaching opportunity at University of Oregon, therefore we are excited to announce a new keynote speaker, Stu Cabe, CEO and Founder of the Ovation Company.

Stu Cabe

PACE Awards Keynote Speaker: Stu Cabe

Stu Cabe’s keynote presentation can be summed up in two words; “Be Nice”. No elaborate pillar structure, no “five-step program,” no acronyms or clever play-on words. Just…Be Nice. The brilliance of his message lies in the simple, tangible way it can be applied and recalled. Stu’s ability to weave rich, vibrant and profound stories around his simple “be nice” concept is the sole reason his presentation has captivated hundreds of thousands of students nationwide. The measure of any good keynote is the “sticking power” it has in the wake of its delivery. It is not unusual for students to quote Stu’s message months and years after seeing it. We believe you will as well. All we need is your presence. No notes required.

Stu is a specialist in promoting improved school climate and cultivating positive interactions with all who share the school environment. Stu has been a professional presenter and trainer for over a decade and travels the country working with students and teachers alike to help build strong school communities and improve campus culture and climate.

Reminder: Last call to highlight your best practices

Another new feature of this year’s awards event is the opportunity to highlight best practices of our PACE Partners. Consider nominating a PACE Partner who promotes and integrates the monthly character traits into the regular activities of their organization. Nominate a Partner by filling out this form. By highlighting best practices, we hope to encourage others and share ideas on how to promote character education. It’s just one way PACE aims to celebrate good character, while at the same time, spreading it around for everyone to appreciate and learn from others.

You know best what you are doing as a PACE Partner. Consider sharing the best practices of your own organization! You can also nominate another PACE Partner. The deadline for submissions is May 9, 2014.