Diligence…Teaching your kids

Below are a few simple steps from an online resource, Penelope’s Portfolio to help you teach diligence to your children, grandchildren, or students. For business owners and leaders, try trading out the word “children” below for “employees” or “team members”…these still apply for adults!
  • Model diligent behavior.
  • Teach children to make goals. Help them create simple and appropriate steps to reach their goals.
  • Teach and encourage cooperation and team building skills. When children work together, they learn from each other and are given opportunities to become leaders themselves. Working as a team may strengthen one’s interest level and desire to persevere in something.
  • Provide opportunities for children to experience the rewards and accomplishment of hard work. For example, suggest ways for a child to earn money when wanting a desired item, (do chores, do yard work for a neighbor, set up a lemonade stand, etc). Once the desired amount of money has been earned, allow the child to purchase the desired item with the money earned.
  • Read books and discuss role models who have persevered. (See the PACE book list!)
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