Guest Column: Honesty

Back Row: (L) Avery Blank, Quincy Lehn, Braydee Greenwalt Front Row: (L) Macie Smith , Brea-Lynn Larsen

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. is said to have remarked about children: “Pretty much all the honest truth-telling there is in the world is done by them.” So for the PACE February character trait of the month honesty guest column, the PACE board went straight to the experts… kindergartners.

We asked PACE partner Tekoa School District to quiz teacher Bobette Rambo’s kindergarten class on the two following questions: “What does honesty mean to you?” And “Why is it important to tell the truth?” We think there is wisdom in their answers.

What does honesty mean to you?

It’s like a promise and you tell the truth. Avery

Honesty means to not lie and that’s a good thing. Zeke

Honesty means you should tell the truth and be nice. Quincy

Honesty means to tell the truth and it also means not to lie. It is also good to treat people with respect. Braydee

If you break a thing that’s valuable and something very, very valuable and the parents ask if you did it? Honest means to not lie and tell what happened. Louden

It means you go to work and sometimes you go to someone and tell them if you are being good or not. Greysin

It means being nice and not lying. Never, ever be mean to people. Tyson

It means to be good and polite and tell what happens.  Kaylynn

Honesty means you tell the truth or what really happened. Dominic

It means don’t lie. Summer

You be good and behave. Raeshelle

It means to listen to your mom and grandma and don’t take other people’s stuff. Brea-Lynn

It means to be nice and don’t be mean and to tell the truth. Macie

It means you don’t lie and you don’t take peoples’ stuff and steal. Shane

It’s like you say something to mom or dad or teacher or Dominic and you say what really happened. Maggie

Not lie. Aiden

It means you have to tell the truth.  Ellie


Why is it important to tell the truth?

Because if you don’t, no one will ever want to play with you or trust you anymore.  Avery

Because your parents will get mad at you and if you lie to your friends and your parents find out, they will get mad. Zeke

You want to be friendly and help other people learn to tell the truth. Quincy

If you lie everyday people won’t ever believe you. Braydee

So you don’t get in trouble and if Santa is watching you he might not give you any presents. Louden

Because that’s good. Greysin

So people will believe you. Tyson

So you don’t lie. Kaylynn

If you don’t tell the truth, that means you did it. Dominic

If you don’t tell the truth, your mom will get mad at you. Summer

So you don’t lie. Raeshelle

Because you need to listen. Brea-Lynn

When you tell the truth it makes it so it doesn’t lie. Lying is bad.  Macie

You don’t want to go to jail and you want people to believe you. Shane

It you don’t tell the truth mom or dad will be mad and then you will be in trouble. Maggie

It’s nice to tell the truth. Aiden

Because you would be lying. Ellie