Honesty…Teaching your kids

Learning is more fun if it is a game!

Thank you to simpleathome.com for this lesson:

“A classic game of go fish required honesty from players on whether they have the card asked for. Ask each child how they would feel if one of the other players lied about the cards they had? Then challenge everyone to play around without telling the truth. What happens? It does not take long for the point of this game to get across as children struggle to get matches when everyone lies and says they do not have the card. Children quickly learn no one wins when we lie. Now have everyone play with half of the players lying and half telling the truth. The game takes an unfair shift. Talk about how this unfairness effects everyone. Repeat with giving everyone directions to tell the truth when asked if they have a card. When everyone tells the truth everyone wins by having fun and the game can come to a conclusion with a winner.”


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