We’re Officially Incorporated


Attorney Rhett Barney of Lee & Hayes presents PACE Secretary Brandie Evans with an official certificate of incorporation issued by the State of Washington.

PACE is officially a Washington Non-Profit Corporation! Last year, the PACE Leadership Team, led by Past President Elea Sprinkle, set a goal to become a sustainable initiative by achieving a 501(c)(3) status. Late last month, we accomplished our first step in that goal by becoming a Washington Non-Profit Corporation.  Attorney Rhett Barney of Lee & Hayes, a PACE Partner, has been our pro-bono counsel throughout the whole process and has been instrumental in this effort. Along with the incorporation of PACE, we’ve ratified a set of bylaws by which to govern the PACE initiative.

For more than four years, Northeast Washington Education Council (NEWEC) has been an integral piece of PACE by serving as our fiscal agent which enables the initiative to raise funds to operate and serve the Valley and West Plains communities with character education. We appreciate the numerous financial operation hours donated by NEWEC, and look forward to continuing our strong partnership as our fiscal agent.

We’re happy to share this success with our partners, and will keep you updated on future achievements toward our 501(c)(3) status.