PACE Partner KiDDS Dental Represents CITIZENSHIP Sending Sweets to Our Troops

Troops who are stationed overseas will be having a “sweet” Christmas this year thanks to local children.  The 4th Annual Great Candy Buy Back was held at KiDDS Dental in Liberty Lake on the day after Halloween.  Children were able to unload their trick-or-treating spoils for $1 per pound, a dental goody bag, and coupons from local restaurants.  At the event, children were able to make cards for troops.  By the end of the event 267 children visited, 908 pounds of candy had been collected and 75 cards had been made.  Throughout the week, more candy was collected, bringing the total to 1022 lbs.  Dental suppliers also contributed by donating 164 toothbrushes and 154 tubes of toothpaste.  The exchanged cavity-inducing culprits, cards and dental supplies were shipped to Operation Gratitude, a charitable organization in California.  Volunteers there will package the candy and other donated items to be distributed to soldiers serving their country during the holidays.  The children who participated in The Great Candy Buy Back were excited to donate their sugary treats in support of the troops, and parents were glad to have the temptations out of the house.

This year’s buy back was a success due to the contributions of many participants, including Dr. Scott Ralph Orthodontics, Applebee’s, Papa Murphy’s, Just Chillin’, Colgate, Safeway, SCOPE and Partners Advancing Character Education.   This annual tradition has become a part of this community that values dental and overall health as well as supports our nation’s soldiers.