PACE Partner ParaSport Spokane: Caught in the Act!

Need an example on how to incorporate PACE into your organization’s daily business? Check out ParaSport Spokane!

Each month, ParaSport reflects on the PACE character trait and on how it relates to their organization. Then, they post that reflection on their blog and on Facebook. More importantly,ParaSport seeks to incorporate the trait into day-to-day interactions with each other, their athletes, families, and volunteers. This PACE partner has an active Facebook page – full of photos and stories of the athletes they serve. We encourage you to follow them by liking their page.

From the ParaSport blog: “Throughout January the athletes, coaches and volunteers have been focusing on Fairness. They have been considering what it means to them, how it can impact others, and what being a fair person/player can do to help everyone have a more enjoyable experience.” 

From the ParaSport Facebook page:

ParaSport on FB image

Thank you for all that you do for your athletes, their families and our community by promoting good character. Well done, ParaSport!

See Get Social with Good Character and PACE tools for information on how you and your company or organization can join ParaSport in promoting and influencing positive character traits in our community! Also, don’t forget to “like” the PACE Facebook page to learn more about monthly prize contest and sponsorship opportunities.