Join PACE to Help Kids Play Unplugged this Summer!

New this summer! Get out of the house, get active and earn Brag Badges!

(See below for a brag badge earning opportunity!)

From PACE Partner the HUB Sports Center:

Play Unplugged is all about encouraging kids to put down their electronics so they can get out and play. It all begins with providing the right kind of motivation. The kind that gets kids playing and active without them even knowing it. This motivation is based on the Brag Badge. Kids earn a Brag Badge for every activity they complete. Each Brag Badge has points they can collect and then turn in for real life rewards as defined by their parents. Our goal is to help kids re-engage with the real world, help parents plan a fun and exciting summer and give much needed visibility to local businesses.

What is a Brag Badge? A Brag Badge is a plastic tag, somewhat resembling a “military dog tag” that represents a Play Unplugged challenge or activity. On the front of the Brag Badge you’ll find one of our Braggers representing specific activity. On the back of the badge, you’ll find information used for tracking the badge.

Each badge has been sequentially numbered and contains the title of the activity as well as a point allocation we call Brags. The more difficult the activity associated to the badge, the higher the Brags. These Brags can then be tracked and used in drawings, contests, etc. Special attention to every detail has been considered to ensure each Brag Badge maintains a highly collectible feel and desirability.

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Check out all these Brag Badges one can earn!  (PACE Partners in bold!)

2018 Brag Badges Sponsored By:
Baker – Just Chillin’ Eats & Sweets
Ball Catcher – Spokane Indians
Basketball Baller – HUB Sports Center
Bike Rider – The Bike Hub
Book Hunter – STCU HQ
Bouncer – Spokane Gymnastics
Car Washer – AutoCraft
Caught Ya – Spokane Valley Police Department
Collector – Modern Electric Water Co.
Dancer – Emily Osborne – State Farm Agent
Donator – Washington Trust Bank
Dough Maker – Alaska USA
Duct Tape Master – Humanix
Exerciser – Strikezone Arena
Explorer – Horizon Credit Union
Fort Maker – Viking Builders, LLC
Gear Head – Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson
Gold Star Kid – PACE Partners Advancing Character Education
Hero Hunter – Spokane Valley Fire Department
Hiker – Gee Automotive Companies
Jumping Jack – Hayden Homes, LLC
Lemonade Squeezer – Numerica Credit Union
Money Maker – INB
Paper Pilot – BECU
Politician – City of Liberty Lake
Putter – Umpqua Bank
Reader – Spokane County Library District
Road Warrior – Dishman Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep
Room Cleaner – Windermere Valley/Liberty Lake
Seat Belter – Dishman Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep
Super Saver – STCU
Swimmer – Advanced Dermatology & Skin Surgery
Teddy Bear Doctor – MultiCare Health System – Inland NW
Tooth Tickler – KiDDS Dental
Treasure Hunter – Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson
Volunteer – STCU HQ