Thanking those that have served

Adams Elementary Veterans Day Cards

Adams Elementary 5th Graders Display Their Thank You Cards for Veterans

For the past 10 years, Adams Elementary librarian Julie Custer has helped build citizenship in her students as they learn to positively contribute to society and community. During a recent 5th grade class, her assignment for them was simple but impactful: “Demonstrate good citizenship by making thank you cards for veterans”. This year’s project was especially meaningful as some of the cards are going to Chad Hansen, a former Adams Elementary student and Central Valley High School graduate who is now a veteran himself. Interestingly, Chad was in one of the first Adams Elementary groups to make cards for veterans under the direction of Ms. Custer. Smiling, she said “He told me he remembers sitting in this room making the Veterans Day cards!”
5th grader Emma Fitzgerald summed up the importance of this act, “I want to thank them since they volunteered to maybe sacrifice their life for my freedom.” Great acts of citizenship can be shown in simple ways. PACE thanks Ms. Custer and Adams Elementary for reminding us that saying thank you helps us positively contribute to our community – a standard of citizenship.