“What Citizenship Means to Me”

Addie Ford pic

Citizenship has a big part in life; I would say I’ve always done my best to show good citizenship. I believe good citizenship means being a part of your community, standing up for others, and always doing the right thing first! I feel like I have grown as a citizen in the past two years at Spokane Valley High School (SVHS). As Vice President of the Associated Student Body or ASB, I have a role in coordinating school activities with other students and staff members. As a member of the Leadership Team at SVHS, I have helped plan school dances, create activities that promote good leaders, and helped raise money for those in need of food through Generation Alive. In the main gathering room at SVHS on our wall we have this saying “What is My Personal Impact as a Citizen.” I use the quote to remind me that I do have an impact on others. I choose to have a positive impact on my school and community. I believe that being a Good Citizen is one of the most important choices an individual can make and something that no one can take away from you.

Adaleah “Addie” Ford is a sophomore at Spokane Valley High School in the West Valley School District. She is active in school government and is known for her caring heart toward others. She believes character is important because “it is the first thing people see in you”. Addie is a 2014 PACE Awards recipient for consistently demonstrating exceptional character.