2014 PACE Awards

The PACE Awards is an appreciation event to honor and celebrate students who demonstrate the importance of good character. In May 2014 the Spokane Valley (including Tekoa) and the West Plains chapter of PACE honored students from their partnering schools.

Selected students are recognized and celebrated for consistently demonstrating exceptional character, and students bringing character to light for themselves, their classmates, their schools and community.
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2014 Spokane Valley PACE Awards

PACE AWARDS53 students from schools that partner with PACE in the Spokane Valley and Tekoa area represented their school at the 2014 PACE Awards. Students were selected for demonstrating outstanding character, and were honored during this evening celebration on May 29, 2014 at the Mirabeau Park Hotel and Convention Center.

2014 PACE Awards Event candid and group photos can be viewed and purchased here (the password is PACE).

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2014 PACE Awards Recipients

Forty-six Spokane Valley and Tekoa schools each selected at least one student to represent their school and be honored for their good character with a 2014 PACE Award. Schools educating students in a K-8 or K-12 environment were invited to select two students to be honored – one elementary and one secondary. The 2014 PACE Award recipients are:

Adams Elementary School – Ely Hogberg, Grade 5

Arthur B. Ness Elementary School – Nolan Langford, Grade 5

Barker High School – Angela Mace, Grade 10

Bowdish Middle School – Jordyn Ries, Grade 8

Broadway Elementary School – Rorikai Saucier, Grade 5

Centennial Middle School – Josie Engeland, Grade 8

Central Valley High School – Haley Feider, Grade 12

Central Valley Kindergarten Center – Brooklynn Boulet, Kindergarten

Chester Elementary School – Aimee Hawley, Grade 5

Continuous Curriculum School – Karlee Ludwig, Grade 8

Dishman Hills High School – Bret Howerton, Grade 11

East Farms STEAM Magnet School (Elementary) – Rachel Honaker, Grade 4

East Farms STEAM Magnet School (Secondary) – Sofia Morales, Grade 5

East Valley High School – Anthony “AJ” Lucero, Grade 12

Evergreen Middle School – Grant Hannan, Grade 8

Freeman Elementary School – Ellie Roibal, Grade 5

Freeman High School – Grace Rudy, Grade 12

Freeman Middle School – Marley Pratt, Grade 8

Greenacres Elementary School – Anatoliy Topov, Grade 5

Greenacres Middle School – Dori Ames, Grade 6

Horizon Middle School – Lydia Lamm, Grade 8

Liberty Lake Elementary School – Halli Densley, Grade 5

McDonald Elementary School – Rylee Elliott, Grade 5

North Pines Middle School – Draceryn Fowler, Grade 8

Opportunity Elementary School – Makenna Roberts, Grade 5

Orchard Center Elementary School – Kira Smith, Grade 5

Otis Orchards School (Elementary)– Jaecynn Hart, Grade 5

Otis Orchards School (Secondary) – Blake Freeman, Grade 8

Pasadena Park Elementary School – Gracelyn Davis, Grade 5

Pioneer School – Amanda Alexander, Grade 4

Ponderosa Elementary School – Josie Krum, Grade 5

Progress Elementary School – Adam Anderson, Grade 5

Seth Woodard Elementary School – Dallas Gohl, Grade 5

South Pines Elementary School – Eli Statchofsky, Grade 5

Spokane Valley High School – Adaleah “Addie” Ford, Grade 9

Spokane Valley Learning Academy – Chloe Moore, Grade 5

Summit School (Elementary) – Duncan McDonald, Grade 5

Summit School (Secondary) – Kennedy Clark, Grade 8

Sunrise Elementary School – Grace Geldien, Grade 5

Tekoa Elementary School – Ava Rambo, Grade 5

Tekoa High School – Rebecca Zimmerman, Grade 11

Trent School (Elementary) – Lauren Burk, Grade 4

Trent School (Secondary) – Lakiya Anker, Grade 5

Trentwood School (Elementary) – Sidney Joy, Grade 4

Trentwood School (Secondary) – Jared Hathaway, Grade 7

University Elementary School – Karrah Pope, Grade 4

University High School – Shelby Rotchford, Grade 12

Valley Christian School (Elementary) – Hannah Hayes, Grade 5

Valley Christian School (Secondary) – Chantal Coyner, Grade 12

Washington Academy of Arts & Technology (Elementary) – Logan Heath, Grade 2

Washington Academy of Arts & Technology (Secondary) – Max Kostenyuk, Grade 10

West Valley City School – Jaymee Finke, Grade 8

West Valley High School – Janae Nelson, Grade 12

2014 West Plains PACE Awards

West Plains PACE celebrates good character at inaugural PACE Awards

The West Plains Chapter has made some big strides with character education in a short amount time. They became an official PACE chapter in January, and on May 1, they honored 14 students and their families at the West Plains Chamber May Membership Breakfast for “Youth Leadership on the West Plains.” The event was held on the Eastern Washington University (EWU) campus.

Dr. Rodolfo Arévalo, president of EWU, and West Plains PACE Coordinator, Jessica Deutsch introduced and congratulated 14 students for their good character at the West Plains Chamber Breakfast for Youth Leadership on May 1.

One student from each school in Cheney and Medical Lake School Districts was honored at the West Plains PACE Award Ceremony for best exemplifying one of the PACE character traits.

Dr. Rodolfo Arévalo, president of EWU, introduced and congratulated each student along with the West Plains PACE Coordinator Jessica Deutsch.

2014 West Plains PACE Awards Recipients

Home Works student Noah Jackson, Snowdon student Jaela Thornburg, Three Springs High School’s Kirstin Baka, Cheney High School student Matt Riddle, and Kirsten Gilbert, Hallett Elementary School were honored for their “Responsibility.”  Abby Jenkins from Windsor Elementary, Marion Mager-Reeser from Salnave Elementary and Tawnie Bremer from Medical Lake Middle School received awards for “Citizenship,” while Betz Elementary student Tyler Johnson and Michael Anderson Elementary student Jason Pillard were honored for “Caring.” The “Integrity” award went to Kodeyak LaMar from Sunset Elementary School.  Gabe Ameny from Cheney Middle School and Jacob Dingfield from Medical Lake High School best exemplified “Trustworthiness,” and Westwood Middle School student Emily Darvis displayed “Diligence.”