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  • Guest Column:


    Fairness is an abstract quality that requires you to have an amalgamation of many other character traits, including taking responsibility for your own actions, being honest and sincere, portraying trustworthiness between you and your peers, and many more. To simplify this rather abstract concept, most people believe that fairness has to do with being equal […]

  • Valley Guest Column:


    Diligence is defined as persistence, dedication, and hard work. Some may say these qualities are deep-rooted within individuals while others say they are acquired. It is my experience that they are both. People throughout our lives influence the paths we choose through their actions. Very special people find our strengths and encourage us to better […]

  • Guest Column:


    “What a strange feeling, to be at odds with yourself over who you are and what kinds of decisions you should make…” Everyone grows up with a memory or two that shapes who they are. Those moments are pivotal points in every person’s life because they provide a basis for the values of that individual […]

  • World Character Day
    Poster Contest Winners


    World Character Day and Poster Contest Winners World Character Day is Coming! Mark your calendars for September 26th! And stay tuned for more information on how you can be involved with our community’s celebration of this day. We are pleased to announce the winner of our WCD poster contest: Audrey Marcel from Summit School! Congratulations! And congratulations […]

  • World Character Day 2017!


    Thank you to all our partners, community members and schools that participated in World Character Day 2017. In all over 104 groups or individuals registered to show they would be participating. 63 schools, 14 school districts, 17 companies or organizations, and many individuals, universities, and government agencies. Wow! Throughout the community, we honored our commitment […]