Character Moments for Families – Trustworthiness

Below are three easy ideas to stimulate family conversation and activity to explore character concepts, aligned with your child’s school PACE character education program.

April – Trustworthiness
Inspiring complete reliability and confidence in his/her truthfulness, integrity and discretion.

  • TALK – use this prompt to start a conversation with your family about this month’s character trait:
    What makes a person trustworthy? How do you know when you can trust someone? 
  • LEARN – explore this month’s character trait through these books available from the Spokane County Library District.
  • DO – explore this month’s character trait through these engagement activities:
    • Group your family into pairs and designate one teammate as the walker. Set up an obstacle course. You can use things like tables, chairs, toys, cones, or anything else you have on hand. Blindfold the walker and have the teammate guide them through the obstacle course, guiding them with their words and or hand-held assistance. After the course is complete take time to talk about what built trust between the walker and teammate.

You may print the Character Moments for Families page here:

PACE Character Moments for Families – April