Exploring Character Strengths

Audience: Best suited for teenagers and adults

  1. Watch the video, The Science of Character (8 min), which explores the neuroscience and social science behind character development, and how we can shape who we are and who we want to be and/or this rap video that highlights historical figures who exhibited many of these character strengths.
  2. Go to the VIA Institute website and have each individual complete the VIA Survey. Watch the video the appropriate video about debriefing the profiles and engage in discussions regarding the individuals profile results. If you are a teacher you can access the “Our Teacher Sites” for the survey which allows you to have a unique link to the VIA Youth Survey. Your students will complete the Youth Survey, without creating their own VIA account, using your unique link and then their character strength results will be added to your account for you to review.
  3. Explore the inspireED approach to empower high schoolers. inspirED was born out of a partnership between Facebook and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence with the goal of bringing social and emotional learning (SEL) and greater wellbeing to high school students across the nation. The inspirED site provides SEL resources, tools and a 5-step process to empower students and educators to work together to create positive change in their schools and themselves.

Other Audiences:

  1. Watch one of the videos found below in the chart sorted by audience type. If the audience is old enough, complete the VIA survey. Subsequent to video viewing brainstorm individual or collective follow-up steps based on discussed character strengths.
  2. Find additional resources to support your follow-up efforts at:

Sample Videos about Character Strengths


Me at My Best

Your Child at Their Best

Primary level children/students

Know Your Character Strengths

Elementary Students

DPS Students Share Personal Success Factors, Character Strengths


Character Strength Classroom Connection

Using Strengths in Schools

University Professors

Signature Strengths: Strengths Spotting

Adults in relation to the workplace

Structured Debriefing of the Character Strengths Profiles

Can You Spot Others’ Strengths