Guest Column: Caring

Caring by by Kaidy Lidstone-Koffel, East Valley Middle School Student

Caring is when you support others. You show people caring when you help them with their work. If someone drops something like papers in a hallway you should always see if they need help and if so, you should do so. Remember that some people may say they don’t need help when they actually do. You should always help your peers and fellow students. Some people are sad so you should help them to show that you care, you may even earn some trust in return. Always include people whenever you feel there being left out. If you show you are caring you can get hero slips and there would be more heroes. If someone is getting bullied, you shouldn’t just stand there, you should stand up for those you believe need help.
One example is, my teacher Mrs. Williams will talk to you if you ask and she will take time out of her day to talk to you. There are lots of teachers that do this, but it is not only teachers, maybe friends or even peers. Everyone can show caring. There are multiple different ways to show that you care. Some people are helping clean or if someone is struggling on their homework or classwork help them. Caring is when you listen to people. Some people will feel like they are getting the help they need without asking and get embarrassed, so show that it is not a problem to yourself to help others and make sure that the person you are helping is comfortable.
Caring is very important because if we never cared about anyone we would always be fighting and not have loyal or real friends and the world would be full of chaos. Caring is one of the most important traits because it shows people that you respect them and you don’t think bad or hate them. It is very important that you show people that you care about them because sometimes they may need it and so will you. Some teachers may need to know that you care so we should all make sure that we care for and respect our teachers, peers and students. If you care about friends you should not push them into things that they don’t want to do because they could be very hurt or they could be feeling like they haven’t done enough for you so make sure you care about your friends. Show people that you care about them even if you don’t know them. You should always care for the students because they might be going through something that they don’t tell anyone about. Another example is I have met someone that had something going on and they didn’t tell anyone and it tore them apart so always care for your teachers, classmates and students. If you care for people the good deed you did will always come back somehow or they will repay you in some way. Caring is showing concern for others.


My name is Kaidy. I am in 7th grade at East Valley Middle School. Mrs. Williams is my AVID and Social Studies teacher. I like to skateboard, hang out with family and friends. My goal is to get all “As” in school. The college that I would like to attend is UCLA. I would like to be a Middle School AVID teacher or a Kindergarten teacher..


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