West Plains PACE Awards

In 2014, PACE expanded to the West Plains! The idea for a West Plains Chapter of PACE came to fruition in 2013 as a result of collaborative efforts between Cheney Public Schools, Medical Lake School District and the West Plains Chamber of Commerce.

The West Plains chapter PACE Awards are coming up soon!
On Thursday, May 5th fifteen students will be honored at Eastern Washington University’s Hargreaves Hall. The ceremony will be part of the West Plains Chamber of Commerce Membership Breakfast, which focuses on youth leadership.
Special thanks to STCU for sponsoring this event.
West Plains Awards Sentator Baumgartner and Ulrich family

Washington State Senator Michael Baumgartner (center) was on hand to celebrate character at the 2015 West Plains PACE Awards.














Congratulations to the 2015 West Plains Award winners, several of whom are pictured below.
Windsor with staff and family Three springs with senator Sunset with senator Snowdon with staff and family  CMS with family Hallett with senator Salnave with senator