May 2015

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  • Spokane Valley Fire Chief: Courage Matters

    Earlier this month, Spokane Valley Fire Department Chief Bryan Collins visited Broadway Elementary students to speak, in part, about the PACE character trait of the month: courage. During his time with them he noted that it, in addition to courage, “takes a lot of commitment, hard work and effort to be a firefighter”. Chief Collins […]

  • West Plains Chapter
    PACE Awards

    Fourteen Medical Lake and Cheney School District students were honored earlier this month for showing outstanding character! PACE was thrilled to have Washington State Senator Michael Baumgartner join the West Plains Chamber Breakfast to introduce and give an award to each student. PACE Partner STCU generously sponsored this event for the awardee students and their […]

  • PACE Partner of the Month

    PACE Partner of the Month: Mirabeau Park Hotel & Convention Center The PACE Leadership Team would like to recognize Mirabeau Park Hotel & Convention Center as the May PACE Partner of the Month! Later this month, Mirabeau will host the 2015 PACE Awards. Their generous support helps provide us with the opportunity to honor outstanding […]

  • Guest Column:

    The May PACE Character Trait is Courage:  displaying integrity in spite of obstacles and challenges. Courage.  What a powerful word! What do you think of when you hear the word courage?  Possibly a firefighter rushing into a burning building to save the person trapped inside with no concern for their own safety?  Or a bystander […]