What Are the PACE Awards?

The PACE Awards are an opportunity to honor and celebrate students who demonstrate the importance of good character.

For the Spokane Valley Awards, one student from each of the 52 schools (K-12) partnering with PACE in the Spokane Valley, Freeman and Tekoa districts is selected to represent their school at the annual PACE Awards. In our West Plains Chapter, students from Cheney, Davenport and Medical Lake schools are selected to be honored.

It is a difficult decision for our schools to select just one student from so many who model good character every day. Selected students are recognized and celebrated for consistently demonstrating exceptional character, and students bringing character to light for themselves, their classmates, their schools and community.

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Spokane Valley Awards 2021

Thank you to all who help to make the PACE Awards possible.

Spokane Valley, Freeman and Tekoa schools each selected at least one student to represent their school and be honored for their good character with a 2021 PACE Award.

Meet the Honorees

Alliana Golden – Adams Elementary School
Melaina Morris – Bowdish Middle School
Allison Carpinteyro – Broadway Elementary
Dominic Talcott – Central Valley High School
Logan Kossuth – Chester Elementary School
Chloe Wigen – CVVL Elementary School
Diana Morzhakova – CVVL Middle School
Lauren Jackson – Evergreen Middle School
Henry Ditto – Greenacres Elementary
Reagan Rothley – Greenacres Middle School
Kailee Alteneder – Horizon Middle School
Kevin Lamanna – Liberty Creek Elementary
Kate Northcutt – Liberty Lake Elementary
Jaret Maland – McDonald Elementary
Pixel Stephens – Mica Peak High School
Jason Anderson – North Pines Middle School
Atta Erickson – Opportunity Elementary School
Haley Moore – Ponderosa Elementary
Amber Anderson – Progress Elementary School
Sophia Gum – Riverbend Elementary
Brenna Abrahamsen – Selkirk Middle School
Mason Belgarde – South Pines Elementary School
Lucas Sizov – Spokane Valley Learning Academy
Chloe Moore – STEM Academy at Spokane Valley Tech
Boaz Godfrey – Summit School
Hayden Anderson – Sunrise Elementary
Joey Williams – University Elementary
Josie Krum – University High School

Ophelia Bloom – Continuous Curriculum School
Owen Wheeler – East Farms STEAM Magnet
Jesse Stevens – East Valley High School
Peyton Miller – East Valley Middle School
Jerry Koontz – East Valley Parent Partnership
Zoey Murphy – Otis Orchards Elementary School
Mialyn Omeasoo – Trent Elementary School
Mae Miller – Trentwood Elementary
J.R. Depell – Freeman Elementary School
Gracie Jensen – Freeman High School
McKenna Finley – Freeman Middle School
Benson Side – Pioneer School
Cale Haeg – Tekoa Elementary School
Trista Bogenreif – Tekoa Jr/Sr High School
Riley A. Hayes – Centennial Middle School
Lily Russert – Dishman Hills High School
Cal Duris – Millwood Kindergarten Center
Madison Juhnke – Ness Elementary School
Khloe Erickson – Orchard Center Elementary School
Rylan Windhorst – Pasadena Park Elementary
William Powell – Seth Woodard Elementary
Trinity Cobbs – Spokane Valley High School
Sorrel Stewart – West Valley City School
Trentin Hobbs – West Valley High School

West Plains Awards 2021

Cheney Public Schools:

Timothy Levchenko – Betz Elementary
Avery Stark – Cheney High School
Calvin Hilton – Cheney Middle School
Colleen McKinnon – HomeWorks!
Tahiri Chapman – Salnave Elementary
Joey Buck – Snowdon Elementary
Kennady Slater – Sunset Elementary
Isaic Cochrane – Three Springs High School
Aftyn Tippetts – Westwood Middle School
Jaxon McGregor – Windsor Elementary

Medical Lake School District:

Nashua Sattler – Hallett Elementary
Raven Elliott – Medical Lake Endeavors
Tyana Newman – Medical Lake High School
Hope Herrera – Medical Lake Middle School
Kayson Bennett – Michael Anderson Elementary

Davenport School District:

Madilyn Green – Davenport Elementary School
Mackenzie Gerlitz-Simpson – Davenport High School
Bella Wilson – Davenport Middle School

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