PACE Educators Workshop 2017

Overview: the 2017 workshop focused on strengthening social emotional learning through school-wide character development. The workshop model allowed participants to hear from local experts on three different topics related to character strength development. Time was provided after each presentation for participants to work collaboratively with peers to personalize the information, develop implementation strategies, and plan activities and efforts to deepen the commitment to social, emotional and character development in their classrooms and school communities.

Attendees had the chance to hear from our First PACE School of Character Award Recipient, increase their understanding of social emotional learning, particularly among children with the greatest needs, and plan ways to use World Character Day as a kick-off for a year of focused student development of character strengths. During the collaborative sessions, participants also learned, explored, and discussed multiple ways to provide evidence of character development efforts; to measure the social, emotional, and character development of young people (and then use this evidence for TPEP purposes if desired);  and ideas from peers about school-wide and classroom learning activities.

Topics and Speakers:

  • Assessing Your School’s Climate/Character Needs – Karen Bromps, Principal, Centennial Middle School, West Valley School District
  • Strengthening Social Emotional Learning – Dr. Wendy Bleeker, Whitworth University
  • Planning your School’s World Character Day Kick Off – Melanie Rose, Sue Shields & Debbie Tully – PACE World Character Day Task Force
  • A Message from the First PACE School of Character Award Winner – Principal and Staff

Workshop Materials & Resources:

Educators Workshop 2017 Flyer

Assessing Your Schools Climate Character Needs

PACE Schools of Character

Schools of Character Criteria

Windsor Elementary: A PACE School of Character

The 11 Principles of Effective Character Education