PACE Educators Workshop 2015

On June 18, 2015, PACE hosted a workshop for educators which focused on creating a school culture for cultivating character.  Keynote speakers focused on achieving these goals in the middle school environment and on developing student leaders. Please find a program for the workshop linked below….

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Volunteer Opportunities

A great way to demonstrate and model good character – Citizenship, Caring, Generosity and Gratitude – is to volunteer in our community. Check out these listings of community service opportunities for families, schools, businesses and civic groups.

Volunteer Spokane – A centralized resource of volunteer opportunities provided by Spokane County United Way….

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World Character Day: Participation Ideas


  • Suggested theme: “We are the World”
  • Promote collaborating respectfully with cultures/races unlike our own through kindness and sensitivity
  • Collaborate and join forces between schools, school districts and communities for joint WCD activities
  • Involve students as much as possible in planning and celebrating WCD – over the summer?
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Exploring Character Strengths

Audience: Best suited for teenagers and adults

  1. Watch the video, The Science of Character (8 min), which explores the neuroscience and social science behind character development, and how we can shape who we are and who we want to be and/or this rap video that highlights historical figures who exhibited many of these character strengths.
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PACE Educators Workshop 2013

More than 125 teachers, counselors and principals kicked off the summer at the “Take PACE to the Next Level: Embedding Character Education into School Climate, Curriculum and Common Core” workshop, June 20, 2013. At this all-day professional development workshop participants shared their character education ideas,…

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PACE Educators Workshop 2017

Overview: the 2017 workshop focused on strengthening social emotional learning through school-wide character development. The workshop model allowed participants to hear from local experts on three different topics related to character strength development. Time was provided after each presentation for participants to work collaboratively with peers to personalize the information,…

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11 Principles of Effective Character Education at a Glance

The 11 Principles of Effective Character Education are the cornerstone of CEP’s philosophy on effective character education. Each principle outlines vital aspects of character education initiatives that should not be overlooked in program implementation. The Quality Standards provide more specificity by including two to four items to address what each principle should “look like” when implemented….

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