TEDxTalk on Trust

Do you agree that relationships are the most important element of business success? If so – how does trustworthiness factor in to those relationships? This TED Talk explores both. Consider watching with your team. What do they think?…

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Am I Trustworthy?

Teaching trustworthiness is a challenge and it seems it has been always! Even “way back” in black and white TV days.  Consider watching this educational video from the 1950s with your family or students.  Eddie as he questions why he isn’t considered trustworthy and then learn to be trusted….

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How to Lose Trust Without Even Trying

Sometimes the best way to learn how to be is to learn how NOT to be. Here is a list of all the ways one can lose, or never earn, the trust of others. Perhaps discuss this list with the older children in your life or your coworkers/employees….

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Wall of Trustworthiness

How do you teaching trustworthiness? Perhaps consider talking about what happens when one does something that causes others to loose trust in that individual. Check out this page from Corner On Character for an activity. While they suggest blocks or tissue blocks –…

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Teaching Diligence

Teaching kids about diligence? Perhaps try out this idea using Aesop’s fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper.”


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