February 2017

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  • PACE Partner of the Month:


    The PACE leadership team would like recognize STCU as the Partner of the Month for February. STCU is a long-time partner and supporter of PACE. From financial gifts to gifts of time, STCU can be counted on to support our community. This year they will be a supporter of the 2017 PACE Awards for the Spokane […]

  • Guest Column:


    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. is said to have remarked about children: “Pretty much all the honest truth-telling there is in the world is done by them.” So for the PACE February character trait of the month honesty guest column, the PACE board went straight to the experts… kindergartners. We asked PACE partner Tekoa School District […]

  • Honesty…Teaching your kids


    Learning is more fun if it is a game! Thank you to simpleathome.com for this lesson: “A classic game of go fish required honesty from players on whether they have the card asked for. Ask each child how they would feel if one of the other players lied about the cards they had? Then challenge […]