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    My favorite color combination is red, white and blue. You will find all three colors in the flag of the United States of America, which is where I call home. The white in our flag stands for purity and innocence, the red is for valor and the blue is for perseverance and justice. The stripes […]

  • World Character Day 2018


    Thank you to all our partners, community members and schools that participated in World Character Day 2018. Throughout the community, schools and PACE Partners demonstrated their commitment to Shine On! for good character on September 26 – World Character Day. A few highlights are noted below. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see […]

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    The Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) trait for this month is RESPONSIBILITY, a many-faceted word, encompassing a wide range of moral, emotional, ethical and common-sense situations. But let’s start with the trite and not too informative dictionary definition. Responsibility: The quality or state of being responsible, in areas such as moral, legal, or mental accountability. It […]

  • World Character Day 2018!
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    Join us on September 26 to celebrate World Character Day. Register here to let us know you are participating!  Or click here  to receive email update. Sponsored by: Supported by: Lithograph Reproductions, Spokane Valley Screen Printing and WCP Solutions. PACE World Character Day Details: PACE will facilitate events, activities and resources to increase awareness and build […]

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    On my classroom door there’s a sign. It reads: “In my room I want you to feel empowered, connected, respected, valued, challenged and supported. How am I doing?” Early on I direct the kids’ attention to it, discuss it, and revisit it. But as time gets on, I let it be. I no longer want […]

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      Gratitude by Tracy Russell. “I just wanted to say a very special “thank you” to all the men, women, and families that have donated their money, time, food, clothing and other items to Union Gospel Mission. So, you know God truly watches over this place. His Spirit is so powerful here. I found out today […]

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    Henry Taylor said, “He who gives what he would as readily throw away, gives without generosity, for the essence of generosity is in self-sacrifice.   “For it is in giving that we receive.” St Francis of Assisi wrote those words eons ago. But the concept is ageless. What does it mean to be generous? Generosity […]

  • 2018 PACE Awards


    Over 380 guests gathered on May 24 at the Mirabeau Park Hotel and Convention Center to celebrate 50 outstanding students who personify the PACE character traits. Emcee, Robyn Nance of KXLY welcomed the attendees who filled the room to honor students from Freeman, Spokane Valley and Tekoa-area schools who exemplify the PACE character traits of Fairness, Honesty, Diligence, Trustworthiness, […]