Guest Column: Generosity

Living a life with a generous heart is something we are always encouraging families, children and others to do. The news, social media and print advertising are also encouraging us to give generously. So what does living generously even entail?…

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Guest Column: Integrity

The Internet definition of integrity is: “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” Another source identifies integrity as: ‘The characteristic of behaving and thinking congruently with one’s personal values and beliefs. Put another way,…

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Guest Column: Courage

The May PACE Character Trait is Courage:  displaying integrity in spite of obstacles and challenges.

Courage.  What a powerful word! What do you think of when you hear the word courage?  Possibly a firefighter rushing into a burning building to save the person trapped inside with no concern for their own safety? …

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Guest Column: Trustworthiness

“Developing trust takes time and consistency.”

You can trust me, I’m a teacher. One would hope that this statement is true. Historically teachers enjoyed a reputation for being highly respected adults in the community. The trustworthiness of a teacher was assumed in much the same way people believed that they could place their trust in local police officers and city firemen….

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Guest Column: The Truth about Diligence

“Without diligence, nothing good or interesting can happen.”

Diligence can be defined as: careful and persistent work or effort. This characteristic is very important to me and my life. Without diligence, nothing good or interesting can happen.

I remember the time my dad bought a broken car….

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CVHS Key Club Hosts a Blanket Drive Benefiting Area Charities

Six years ago, 30 Central Valley High School Key Club members made 25 blankets for charities, calling the blanket drive event “Warming Community Hearts”. Since then, the effort has snowballed…this year over 240 volunteers crafted more than 270 blankets for various community organizations….

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PACE Partners: Caught in the Act!

The reality of hunger is a daily challenge for students in our region. During weekends and school breaks, the problem is compounded as children do not have access to breakfast and lunch at school. To address this, schools partner with community groups to supply students facing hunger at home with backpacks of food to help them through a weekend or longer school break….

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West Valley Students Show Good Character: Caring for Their Neighbor

After years of caring for West Valley School District students as a food service employee, a neighbor of the Seth Woodard Elementary School is now the beneficiary of the good character of Mrs. William’s 4th grade class. Every year, her students demonstrate caring by spending a half day raking leaves for Thelma Ervin….

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