Guest Column: Respect

On my classroom door there’s a sign. It reads: “In my room I want you to feel empowered, connected, respected, valued, challenged and supported. How am I doing?”

Early on I direct the kids’ attention to it,…

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Guest Column: Gratitude


Gratitude by Tracy Russell.

“I just wanted to say a very special “thank you” to all the men, women, and families that have donated their money, time, food, clothing and other items to Union Gospel Mission….

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Guest Column: Generosity

Henry Taylor said, “He who gives what he would as readily throw away, gives without generosity, for the essence of generosity is in self-sacrifice.


“For it is in giving that we receive.” St Francis of Assisi wrote those words eons ago….

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Guest Column: Integrity

What a strange feeling, to be at odds with yourself over who you are and what kinds of decisions you should make…”

Everyone grows up with a memory or two that shapes who they are….

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Guest Column: Courage

I was once reminded that courage comes from the heart, and to never lose the heart to do what is right. As I pondered this, I realized that the heart has throughout the ages been associated with the place where feelings,…

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Guest Column: Trustworthiness

Start with trust. It’s Better Business Bureau’s tagline, and consequently, the first of eight of BBB’s Standards of Trust. Trust is a buzzword, easily tossed around and much harder to define. But, it is at the core of much of what we do on a daily basis….

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Guest Column: Diligence


To be consistent at anything in life, the characteristic of diligence must be present! To care and act as such, one must have diligence at a foundational level. This characteristic has multiple ways to describe its definition….

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Guest Column: Honesty


Growing up as a child in the Spokane Valley in a large family of six siblings, sincerity and love for the truth didn’t always win out. With the occasional sibling scuffle and subsequent blame and denials that followed,…

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Guest Column: Fairness

The definition of fairness can be paraphrased as: the state, condition or quality of being fair, marked by impartiality and honesty, free from self-interest, prejudice or favoritism. In short, fairness is doing the right thing, at the right time for the right reason….

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Guest Column: Caring

Caring for our Community

Can you believe it? December has arrived and 2018 is just around the corner! We’ve reached that proverbial point in time when we reflect back and set new goals for the future. By this time,…

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Guest Column: Citizenship

Citizenship is defined as the state of being vested with rights, privileges and duties as a member of society. Being part of a society or community affects an individual as much as the individual affects the community. The rights and privileges that come with being a part of the community come with duties and responsibilities to the community….

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Guest Column: Responsibility

My education has always been one of the most important things in my life. I grew up with a single mom who demonstrated that working hard and making good choices was a formula for success. Mirroring her responsibility has been the key to my own success….

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