Guest Column from West Plains: Integrity

Each month The Current supports Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) by publishing a guest column connected to one of PACE Character Traits. For the month of June it is Integrity, which is living a set of values encompassing honesty, respect for others,…

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Guest Column: Integrity

“However we choose to have it, our integrity shows the world the truth. How will you choose to walk with integrity?”

Put one foot in front of the other. Follow the swarm of students trudging to their next class….

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Guest Column: Courage

Courage can be found across our region, our state, our nation and our world. Every day we see people – from children to senior citizens – act with courage. A few examples include people fighting a serious illness,…

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Guest Column from West Plains: Courage

Imagine what it feels like to lose. Multiply that several times over. How tempting is it to throw up your hands in defeat and get really mad about it?

When I was in junior high, I went to a small school that wouldn’t be able to field a girls’ basketball team unless every girl in both the seventh and eighth grades turned out for the team….

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West Plains Guest Column: Trustworthiness

Trustworthy is the PACE character trait for April.  As a former school counselor and now teacher I’ve learned a lot about trustworthiness, working with students and families.  To be Trustworthy means to be someone that others can trust and count on to be reliable. …

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Guest Column: Trustworthiness

Growing up in a big family has had a huge impact on me and who I have become. In my family, there seven of us living in a four-bedroom house, and I am one of the five kids in my house,…

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Guest Column: Diligence

 In life, rarely is anything worth having easily or immediately achieved. Sure, you may experience an immediate reward from time to time—winning the lottery is the obvious example here—but you did not do much, if anything, to earn that reward….

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Valley Guest Column: Diligence

Diligence is defined as persistence, dedication, and hard work. Some may say these qualities are deep-rooted within individuals while others say they are acquired. It is my experience that they are both. People throughout our lives influence the paths we choose through their actions….

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Guest Column: Honesty

Honesty can seem like a simple concept. Merriam-Webster defines it as “fairness and straightforwardness of conduct; adherence to the facts; sincerity.” Or perhaps we are more familiar with it being “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” But,…

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Guest Column: Fairness

As a leader in the Spokane Valley Fire Department (SVFD) I often reflect upon those critical characteristics that have contributed to our success as an organization over decades. One of the most important, “fairness” is a character trait that is embedded in the core value set of the employees here at SVFD….

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West Plains Guest Column: Caring

The holiday season and caring go hand in hand. I feel it is a safe assumption that for many of us the act of caring comes rather naturally, and we rarely look at the act itself as something extraordinary. But in a world that can be harsh and ugly at times,…

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Guest Column: Caring

“A city council, business, and non-profit: Caring for the Community”

Margaret Mead said it well: “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever had.”

How then,…

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