Guest Column: Respect

My wife and I have five children ages 8 and under. As parents, we often consider what we are teaching our children. One evening while we sat at the dinner table trying to begin our meal, most of our kids were misbehaving….

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Guest Column: Generosity


By Jason Long and the Team at NorthBridge Church.

Generosity is an incredibly important character trait. Everyone gets on board when you talk about being generous. Most of us love to give, it is part of our DNA….

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Valley Guest Column: Integrity by Nora Vralsted-Thomas, NEWESD

Integrity receives a lot of lip service in contemporary times. Integrity might be referenced in the actions of statesmen. Integrity might also be celebrated through the actions of individuals faced with moral dilemmas in wartime. But integrity can also refer to the actions of organizations that recognize and seek to address past wrongs….

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West Plains Guest Column: Courage

Courage is having the strength to persevere even when times are tough. Being bold despite what others may think or say, courage is a trait that brings new opportunities for change every single day. I am Mayah Eberhardt, quiet in beginning of new situations and friendships but exuberant once time has passed….

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Good Character Reading!

Spokane County Library Suggests…
May Reading List

Courage: Displaying integrity in spite of obstacles and challenges


Gittel’s Journey: an Ellis Island Story / Lesléa Newman (2019)
A Little Bit Brave / Nicola Kinnear (2020)
Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave / Jessica Hische (2018)
Get Me Out of This Book: Rules and Tools for Being Brave / Kalli Dakos (2019)

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Guest Column: Diligence

Exploring Commitment vs Goals: The Power of Persistence, Dedication and Hard Work

Mike Nilson looked out across the room and, quoting Dr. John Berardi, started with a simple premise, “We overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year.”  Mike,…

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PACE Character Cords for Grads

Outstanding Seniors Honored with PACE Character Cords

Graduation day for more than 250 seniors in the Class of 2020 included visible recognition of their outstanding character. Along with their cap and gown, these students were proudly wearing a PACE Character Cord,…

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Guest Column: Fairness

Fairness in the Courtroom?
In life there are few places you will visit in which your desire for fairness is more sincere than when you open the heavy, oak doors, to a courtroom. As much as we expect the aroma of roasted,…

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