Guest Column: Integrity

Integrity by Ron Jacobson, Dean of the School of Education at Whitworth

My dad will turn 91 this June. I have had the privilege of knowing him for two-thirds of those 90-plus years. And, of the many things I could say about my dad,…

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Guest Column: Courage

Courage by Gretchyn A. Carter, Greenacres Middle School

The definition of courage is bravery or the ability to do something that frightens one. To me, however, courage is so much more. To have courage is not always easy….

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Guest Column: Trustworthiness

Ten thousand times per year, our eyes meet those of others finding their lives in the hands of complete strangers: ours. The reason for their common predicament varies from claimed independence (adventuring in the absence of their human companions) to victimization (human abuse,…

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Guest Column: Diligence

To be consistent at anything in life, the characteristic of diligence must be present! To care and act as such, one must have diligence at a foundational level. This characteristic has multiple ways to describe its definition. The partial definition of the word as an “energetic effort” certainly stood out because of its close association with the word “care.”

To show or use diligence at a high level,…

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Fairness…how does one teach it?

How can we teach the concept of fairness to students? It’s hard for adults to understand sometimes, too. Michelle Hunt, an elementary school teacher, shared the following activity she did with her students.

“When I was student teaching in third grade,…

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